My Foray into the World of Alcohol Markers

Or, How I Came to Purchase a Set of Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils


A few years ago, alcohol markers became a big thing for coloring images in the crafting and card-making world. Like most others, I was intrigued. I started to do my homework. I looked at basically all the brands that were available in the United States and listed the pros and cons of each. Prismacolor markers were made in the U.S. but were not refillable. Copics were refillable but expensive. Spectrum Noir markers were refillable, had the best price per marker, but were made in China.

I watched videos about how to use the markers. I read reviews on several blogs. I read the fine print details on the companies’ web sites. I went around and around for months–many, many months. I also watched videos comparing the Sharpie and Bic alcohol-based markers to the more expensive, artist-level alcohol markers.

In the meantime, I had about 10 or 12 Sharpie markers that I played with a little bit. This gave me a little taste of how the alcohol markers work, if not the superior blending qualities of the more expensive brands. What I concluded was that I didn’t like the smell of alcohol markers. I also didn’t like the look I got in the finished project. I am not a trained artist and got results nowhere near some of the fabulous artists I have seen on YouTube.

At the same time as I was doing all of this research, I was also watching videos on wax-based colored pencils, watercolor pencils and watercolor painting. These demonstrations and tutorials looked like fun to me. They looked more like a style I would be comfortable with making my own. For many years, I have played with pencils and paints, so am much more familiar with the products, how to use them and what result I could get from them.

I came to the conclusion that alcohol markers weren’t for me. I can get along with a small handful of Sharpie or Bic markers for anything I might want to do now and then. I saved my pennies and looked for good sales (something I recommend everyone do). I found an awesome sale on Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils and bought those. I am now researching and looking at the watercolor paints and pencils that I think I will enjoy using more instead of following a trend.

If you love alcohol markers and they are right for you, I don’t have anything against people using them. Just do your homework into which brand is right for you. Don’t be afraid to mix brands. And as always, be patient and look for the best price that fits your budget.

A Little Review

I found an amazing 70% off MSRP sale on Prismacolor Premier colored pencils at Dick Blick. I have never seen the price that low. (As of the DATE OF THIS POST, the pencils are STILL ON SALE at Dick Blick . I don’t know how long the sale will last.) I bought the 48 count set which has a pretty good selection of colors. There are some colors not in the set that I want to buy later, but the pencils are easy to find to buy individaully. I am extremely happy with the Prismacolor pencils. They are creamy enough to blend well even without using a solvent like Gamsol (odorless mineral spirits) or mineral oil (baby oil).  My only disappointment is that the pencils are now made in Mexico instead of the United States. So if you are interested in colored pencils, save your money and buy a set of Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils. You won’t be disappointed.


Disclaimer: I do not have any affiliation with any of the companies mentioned above. I am simply a satisfied, paying customer of Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils and


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