Turban Style Costume Hat

My mom needed a hat for a costume for Vacation Bible School. I had a pattern that I had modified to make a Hindu wedding hat for a friend’s son. One of the hats in that pattern set had the definite look of a turban. So I suggested that pattern to my mom. I also said that I would make it for her if she wanted me to. She bought some material and brought it to me to sew. After measuring her head, I was ready to go.

The Pattern

Simplicity pattern 2494

Simplicity pattern 2494

The pattern is Simplicity 2494, Size A. The pattern includes small, medium and large sizes to fit heads with the circumference of 21, 22 or 23 inches. It comes with patterns for six different styles of hats. I used the purple hat shown in the upper left corner on the pattern cover.

Sewing the Hat

Making the crown part of the hat is really easy. Attaching the brim is another matter. I had to repin twice and ended up ripping out my first stitches. Now that I’ve practiced sewing this pattern a couple of times for other people, I think it’s time for me to buy some fleece and make myself a nice winter hat. Since all the patterns are so cute, maybe I’ll have to make more than one.

The hat being modeled by my pressing ham.

The hat being modeled by my pressing ham.

Quick Tip

You know how it’s so hard to fold a pattern and get it back into the package once you’ve opened and unfolded it? Instead of trying to stuff the delicate pattern paper back into the envelope, fold the pattern neatly and store it with the envelope in a gallon zip-top bag. I’m pretty sure I found that tip in Threads magazine. It sure has saved me a lot of frustration and keeps my patterns neat and dust-free.


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