Easter Bunny Berry Basket

berry basket with handle

Berry baskets seem to be very popular these days. It might be because of the Stampin’ Up! Berry Basket die. I don’t have the die to make the berry basket so I thought I’d make my own design. I have seen a couple of people on YouTube make their own version of a berry basket. They seem to be basing their designs on the Stampin’ Up! die. Even though I was inspired when I saw people making projects with the Stampin’ Up! die, my template is more of a “it came from my head” type of a thing.

berry basket with handle and bunnies

Once I had made the template to trace on my patterned paper, the baskets came together quicker than I thought they would. I was a little concerned about the time it would take to cut out the little slits in the sides, but they weren’t too hard. I couldn’t resist putting handles on the baskets–so cute! You could leave the handle off if you wish. These would be great for any type of party favor or little gift basket. They hold quite a lot, depending on how much grass or other filling you add to them.

How to Make the Berry Basket

You can use a piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ or 12″ x 12″ cardstock to make your template. You will need either quite large scraps of patterned paper or a full 12″ x 12″ sheet to make the finished basket. If you do happen to be able to find 8 1/2″ x 11″ patterned paper, of course you can use that.

Making the template:

  1. Cut the cardstock to a 8″ x 8″ square.
  2. Draw lines 2 1/2″ from each edge on all four side.
  3. Make a mark 1/2″ outside the lines that make up the middle rectangles on each edge. Draw a line from the mark to the nearest intersection of the lines you drew in Step 2.
  4. Cut along the the angled lines you drew in Step 3 to remove the corner pieces.
  5. If you want slits in the sides of your basket (purely optional but very cute), draw rectangles that measure 1/8″ x 1 1/4″ at 3/4″, 1 1/2″ and 2 1/4″ along the bottom of one of the sides. Cut those areas out with a craft knife. You only have to cut the slits in one side of your template. Just rotate it when tracing your template onto your patterned paper to draw the lines on all four sides.

    Template for berry basket

    Note: This is not entirely to scale, but your template should look something like this.

The template is finished. You can use it over and over to make as many baskets as you want. WARNING: Make sure you set aside enough time to make the baskets. Once you make one, you’ll want to make more!

Making the berry basket:

  1. Cut a piece of thick patterned paper to an 8″ x 8″ square. You can also use plain cardstock. (My patterned paper was one-sided. Two-sided paper would probably be better, but use what you have.)
  2. Line the edges of your template up with the edges of the patterned paper and trace around the outside of the template. Trace the slit lines on one side. Rotate your template to line up with the next side to trace the cutting lines for the slits. Continue until you have all the lines traced onto your patterned paper.

    Berry basket traced onto patterned paper

    The template pattern traced onto the back side of my patterned paper.

  3. If you are going to use stamps on your paper, now would be a good time to do that. You could also use an embossing folder.
  4. Cut out the corners from the basket.
  5. If you would like to, you can score lines at the base of the sides of the basket to help make a nice crease line at the fold. You can also just bend the sides up against the edge of a ruler and crease the edges that way. Enforce your folds with a bone folder.
  6. Cut out the slits with a craft knife and a ruler with a metal edge. I found that it was easier to do this after I had scored the fold lines where the sides and the bottom of the basket met.
  7. Cut 2 strips measuring  1″ x 8 1/2″. Score the strips on the 8 1/2″ side at 1/2″ and 4 1/2″. Turn the strips lengthwise and score in half at 1/2″. Crease the score lines with a bone folder.
  8. With a strip from Step 7 folded in half lengthwise, glue the two long sections over the top edge of two sides of the basket. Glue the 1/2″ section onto the third side of the basket. Do the same thing with the second strip and the remaining sides. There will be a small gap between the sides of the basket.
  9. To make the handle (optional), cut a piece of patterned paper or cardstock to 3/4″ x 12″. Glue each end to the basket. I glued my handles to the inside of the baskets. The handles would also look nice attached to the outside of the basket with a brad.

The finished basket without the handle is about 2 5/8″ high, 3″ x 3″ at the bottom and about 4 1/4″ or 4 1/2″ square at the top.

Berry basket Easter decorations

To Make the Punch Art Bunny

  1. Punch or cut two circles. One of the circles needs to be smaller than the other one. For the small bunny, I used a 3/4″ circle punch and a 1″ circle punch. For the larger bunny, I used a 1″ circle punch and a 1 3/8″ circle punch. (You could use a 1 1/4″ circle instead of the 1 3/8″ circle, but I don’t have that size of a punch.)
  2. For the ears, I used petals from the Blossom Petals punch from Stampin” Up! (retired). You could freehand ear shapes or use another punch that gave a similar shape, maybe a leaf punch or another type of flower punch.
  3. For the tail, I used one of the flowers from the Boho Blossom punch from Stampin’ Up! You could also use a small cotton ball.
  4. I inked the edges with some light brown ink and glued them together.
Pink berry basket with handles and Leo

Leo wants some candy.


7 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Berry Basket

  1. Kate says:

    Very cute! Love the graphic patterned paper you used. These will look great on the Easter table. How long did it take to make a basket after you had made your template?


    • Sara Jean says:

      It didn’t take long. I didn’t time myself, but I would say not longer than 10 minutes. Inking the edges of the bunnies seemed to take the longest, other than cutting the slits out with the craft knife. Gotta be careful not to cut the fingers!


  2. Mandy says:

    These look great! I could also see them as dried flower baskets. Glue a chunk of floral in the bottom, cover it with dried moss and stick in some dried lavender or maybe some faux daffodils. Nice touch on the bunnies – the inked edges really add some dimension to them.


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